10 December 2012

Happiness: my 2012 birthday bash!

I was thinking that maybe I needed a house-boy to do all the things I was supposed to be doing as host of an epic all-night-birthday-bash party. Things I was too busy having fun to do. Like replacing broken light bulbs, stoking the woodstove, pulling the dishwasher off the front porch...

But I never did get a house-boy, or needed one, because everyone else was having so much fun just as things were. Wherever I went Saturday night, someone was reaching an arm for me, or waiting to be schmurgled. I felt so much love wandering around the house, and making music with everyone. We spend so much time trying to prepare and create for our friends, so we can be loved. Practicing songs, preparing the house, this is loving by doing. At the party, just sharing our happiness and love brings a houseful of sharing, happy, loving friends.

Thank you, and we'll see you for the next Cowboy Lounge!

photos: greg cross
photos: wendi olson

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