19 October 2009

Leaf Season Sunset

Candy colored sunset
over the ever green spruce
and in the distance
a fading grove of maples
dances in the peach light
remembering its glory days

18 October 2009

On Stairbuilding

Three staircases to the top

My dad put in a spiral staircase
in this house
on the first floor
I built one upstairs and through the roof and up to the cupola
which I built atop his house

My Spiral Staircase

My staircase is like the bones inside a ship
the mast exposed
holding up the deck

My staircase involves higher math

My staircase is special.
It is like no other.
It is a symbol or extension of my self.
It is expression, space, beauty, engineering, folly, life

My staircase phones Michelangelo
and worries for my father's approval

My staircase is the bones of a ship
Hang on to the mast
and climb up to the crow's nest

On Building Spiral Staircases

Every carpenter
at least just once
in his life
should oughta build himself a spiral staircase

I hope Jesus got to build one
(a spiral staircase)
at least once in his life
before they strung him up

Is that the lesson of Jesus?
You do what you want
but when you get too uppity
they string you up?
So have fun
but watch out
don't be gettin too crazy now

Or, is it that on your way to save the world,
you should take some time
to build yourself a spiral staircase
at least once in your life