06 November 2011


A new song for my lover.


copyright 2011 Laramie Crocker
Comin' home to you
is like comin' home to me
comin' home to me
I look around
and its you
I see
comin' home to me

so I'm askin you
come home to me
comin' home to you

04 November 2011

On Killy Yorn

Here's a song I recorded today (after doing it last night in a nice set with Richard Berman and Wend Elsen, at the new open mic at Cafe Yesterday, hosted by Sam Weinstein).   I wrote the song in 2000.  We continue to sing it all the time, since people request it.  So now it's going to open Redemption, the opera, even though it wasn't on Redemption, the studio album.  In the opera, it is an excuse to have a Morris dance open the show!  Give a listen: