02 April 2011

Dream Heavy - practice mix

Yo, here's a track of me playing Dream Heavy. This is a demo practice mix for those who want to come sing along at Cowboy Lounge. You can sing all night, but this track gives you a heads up on this piece, because it is simple yet twisted. This track has guitar+vocal, plus two additional vocal overdubs. It is really a bass-drum-guitar driven groove, but this demo just shows the vocal part, with the guitar. But there's huge sing-along fun, so there's something for everyone. Just give it a listen, and find a line that you like, and then join in. This is a short mix, but we often do it as an extended jam since it's an infectious beat, and it's such a fun looping structure.


And we'll want to do some songs you lead or bring.

So sing it, and bring it!

Sang-along with Family Crest at Fox Theater, Oakland

Still kinda high from singing with the Family Crest, in a secret audience-side choir, packing the audience with sing-alongs who knew the parts. Absolutely Egytian, Arabian, Tibetan, and a little bit bhudda, the Fox Theater in Oakland is a pre-war extravaganza, you feel like you are flying, underground, in a cabriolet spaceship, in a beautiful subterranean garden. Big fun, big feel-good, big sound.

So excited that I'm now recording DreamHeavy on crappy GarageBand, but just testing out my new macbookpro. Anyway, reminds me that next week at Cowboy Lounge, I'm going to do Dream Heavy, and singers should listen for a part in the mp3: