15 February 2010

Introducing the new Mac tablet: iDrop

Cartoon forthcoming. For now, here's the screenplay:

Walking down the street we see a MAN carrying the iDrop.

MAN: Yes, Bob, you can see that I'm strolling the street with my new... OOOPS

MAN trips over own feet, and drops iDrop. CUT to footage of atom bomb.

Another man, TRENDOID, walks down the street and into a swanky street cafe. He is mobbed by ATTRACTIVE WOMEN.

TRENDOID: Hey, girls, easy there!

TRENDOID pulls out his iDrop and ATTRACTIVE WOMEN, and peering MEN, gawk. Before he can speak, a waiter bumps into TRENDOID and the iDrop falls. We do not see impact.

Silence into CUT to close-up of lone tear falling from sexy face.

CUT to BLACK. Sound of deep rumble, as a falling large object down a bottomless, bumpy pit.

CUT to very black and shiny scene in wet street. TRENDOID is alone, sitting on a stoop. Sound of bottomless pit continues.