15 May 2010


wants to be
the gatekeeper
grabbing his keep

Larry Elison
the robinhood
turned highwayman

There is no emperor
no king
but we all ho our digital lives
to the grand master pimp google

Selling ourselves
web 2.0
ad slaves
I am content
I am owned
I am a number
bought and sold

Hot Whole to Go

I'm tryin to be a hippie
on my patch of ground in Berkeley
But the patch under my teepee
just went to 1.2
million dollars
1.2 million dollars

Now I'm sortin out my garbage
in little eco-baggies
recycling, strolling, drinkin coffee
eatin cheezeboard pizza too
million dollars
1.2 million dollars

I'm tryin to be a hippie
livin in North Berkeley
3 cheese kalamata basil
3 cheese kalamata basil
and a hot half to go
make mine
a hot whole to go

But I'm losin my redneck cred
(o he's losin his redneck cred)
yes I'm losin my redneck cred
livin here on brioche bread
havin cappuccino in bed
I'm going back to da land instead...

The Sun God

Is it better to see the works
of the Creator
or the Creator itself?

Lift your eyes to the Sun
but look ye not into the Sun
you cannot but stare at the Creator
and not go blind

The silver white sun-god
in the billowing clouds
or the virgin white clematis
with dew-yellow lips
she glows in fog
but she kisses in sunshine