05 March 2010

In the Golden Loop

[audio with slide guitar: In the Golden Loop]

I am a visitor from another planet
That is why
all the obsession in Sci Fi
or why
at 5
I claimed to be from Venus
Implanted in my mother's womb
by superior alien technology

I am DNA, sentient, self-aware, mirror-gazing

I am millions of years old
I am information, stored in DNA, living, flowering
for the moment,
as the Buddha said
It is like a great, lone sea turtle
sticking his head through a single golden loop

But I am here, in the Golden Loop,
and it beats being dead,
and it is better than being non-sentient information
we get organized
build a body
get that body to reproduce
and live on in the information.

I look good -- it's good to see my body
My Self is a million years old
and I like these eyes.