21 January 2009

A Good Day

Yesterday, I was working with my friend Bond on my song "Good Days Coming", and I wrote this:

We mixed on Inauguration Day
I wept.
A new mix.
A new President.
A new day.

A day after Inauguration. I'm wondering now if there is an Obama Shopping Channel.
Items for sale to-day:

Cut Glass Bowl on Quartz Base, just like the Obamas' welcoming gift to the White House.

Leather-bound journal and fountain pen, for writing one's memoir. The perfect kiss-off gift.

For him:
Cashmere Overcoat and matching Obama-maroon Cashmere Scarf.

For her:
Cold-weather Chic
Gala Gowns

For the whole family:
Framed picture montage of Cheney being wheeled out of the White House and Bush's walk of shame to the airplane.

Later, Wendi reads to me that jCrew has claimed that their website crashed due to people looking for Obama items. Man, what a free plant. Someone obviously thought of it soon enough to pull the plug on the server while the art department quickly fakes up the images of the products they are, at this very moment, selecting and stocking based on the innagural ceremony and ball photos.

I'm alive with ideas, cartoons, songs, poems. And for once in my life, I actually have a President, and I'm actually proud to be an American.

In short, a Good Day has arrived!


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