22 January 2009

The New Model Politican: Obama2008

Current events make sense to me,
with the Roberts-bot
programmed to derail Obama2008
at the critical moment,
the moment having been decided by thinktankers
watching endless loops of Barack-O-Vision,
recorded debates and interviews of the new model of politician.

"Must figure out his weak spot!" they cry
as they ply their digital emo-decoder
and out it spits the moment:


Washington is a place like no other.
the best politicians in the country come to ply their art
the best paid and best paying lobbyists,
thinktankers, and other salesmen
come to sup with the politicians
and the great masses of beaur-o-crats
type and shred
type and shred
at their whimsies.

To survive in that town,
you must be bloodsucker or blood
The new politician, sucked soon,
soonly becomes a preternatural ancient.

I understand current events
I was in D.C. in 2003
with guitar on back
ReDefeat Bush shirt on chest
and asked two nice looking guys at Dupont Circle,
how to get to the whitehouse.
They earnestly
sent me on my way
in the opposite direction.

Later, another soul pointed me right.
Me with no map or metro map, even,
having popped up from the metro,
and now stuck off in Georgetown
where the nice gents sent me.

That is how Washingtonians think, I think.
I was visiting in Virginia, at the time.
People in Charlottesville, good Southern liars, true,
would not concoct such a lie.
Residents of my beloved Brooklyn,
and playful Manhattan,
would not lie, they'd just tell you where to stick it.
Unless you asked for subway directions,
then they are honor-bound,
as New Yorkers,
to give you
the complete,
the whole,
and the detailed truth,
including where to transfer to avoid exiting.

When Obama hit D.C.
Americans cheered
and Washington-BOTs quaked.
The Roberts-BOT was unsuccessful:
Obama reframed
with grace
and strength.
Some may have deployed the Biden-BOT
But Obama2008 reined him in.
Or was that part of the Obama2008's strategy
For me, I watch as the new model of politician
but also compasionate, empathetic
runs his routines
Maybe in the future, when Obama2008
has defeated
the blatant backstabbers
All new political models
from all manufacturers
will have empathy and compassion circuits come standard.
Brilliance, eloquence, and grace extra.

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